Thursday, August 11, 2011

iRules Editor – much easier…

So I’m quickly falling in love with F5 and iRules, but writing them was sort of a pain. I wasn’t good at catching typos and syntax errors on the fly and pasting the code into the LTM, saving it, and it kicking back some cryptic error message about your typos was a little maddening. So I thought I’d do some googling and check out what I found…

The F5 iRule Editor! (Click here for site)

How awesome is this! Once installed the app connects to your LTM in one easy step…


After connecting to the LTM it loads all your current iRules for editing and allows you to create new ones through it editor and upload them to the LTM. I literally just installed the app, but my favorite part at this moment is the fact that the editor is what I call ‘command context aware’. Check this out..

All I Did was type ‘HTTP::’ and the context menu came up with all of the options I can use on the HTTP object. Awesome!

Well I’m sure there will be more to come on this as I explore but I thought I’d share right away. More to come soon!

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