Monday, March 8, 2010

Monitor Zimbra

1. Zimbra Logging Levels
- FATAL : being unable to contact the MySQL database
- ERROR : a single mailbox having a corrupt index or being unable to delete a message from a mailbox
- WARN : user log in failed
- INFO* : server startups,mailbox creation/deletion,account creation

tail -f /opt/zimbra/log/audit.log | grep WARN | more

2. Reviewing mailbox.log Records
- Mailbox.log records valid and invalid login attempts, account activity such as opening email, deleting items, creating items, indexing of new mail, server activities including start and stop

3. Handler Exceptions and Stack Traces
- If an error occurs during the progress of an activity, a handler exception is
added to the end of the basic log record to notify you that an event occurred
during the execution of the process that disrupted the normal flow.

- Sometimes a stack trace is displayed after the exceptions notification. A stack logs the process in detail. A stack trace is a report of the threads and monitors in the zimbra’s mailboxd service. This information aids in debugging, as the trace shows where the error occurred. The last few entries in the stack often indicate the origin of the problem. When the caused by descriptor is included in the log line, this is the root of the error. In the example below, the error was caused by 501, bad address syntax.

007-06-25 00:00:10,379 INFO [btpool0-1064] [;
mid=228;ip=;ua=zimbra Desktop/0.38;] SoapEngine - handler

4. Mailbox log files
- To review the mailbox.log for errors, search for the email address or the
service that is experiencing the problem. Also, search for WARN or ERROR
log levels, read the text of the message. When you find the error review the
records, tracing the events that happened before the problem was recorded.

Service Error - System Crashing
- When your system crashes, look for the startup message and after finding that
message, look for errors before the startup message date

Mail Error - Mail Delivery problem
- When you are looking for an error in mail delivery, start by looking for the
“LmtpServer” service

Account Error- Log in error
- Mailbox.log logs any successful or unsuccessful login attempts from IMAP,
POP3 or ZWC. When you are looking for a login error, start by looking for

Account Errors - IMAP or POP related
- When you are looking for a log because of an IMAP or POP issue, look for

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