Thursday, January 20, 2011

HP-UX: Intro Guardian Service Processor(GSP) & Management Processor(MP)

All of HP's current PA-RISC and Integrity servers include a GSP/MP card which has a LAN console port.This console port is
usually called as GSP/MP port which depends on which card(GSP/MP) is installed in the physical machine.But mostly these days MP card is installed on HP-UX Servers by default.


* Enables remote server management over the web regardless of the system state.

* In the unlikely event that the operating system in not running,the GSP/MP port can be accessed to power cycle the
,view event logs and status logs,enable console re-direction,and more.
* Always-on capability: GSP/MP is alive if the power cord is plugged in.
* User/Password access control: Supports operator and administrator users
* Multiple access methods to GSP/MP:
Local port
Remote/modem port
*Mirrored console:System console output stream is reflected to all of the connected console users
*Display and/or logging of:
The system console,system event logs (chassis codes),Virtual Front Panel (VFP),and system power and configuration
*GSP/MP provides power control,system reset,and Transfer Of Control (TOC) capabilities.

This GSP/MP is similar to Sun™ Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM)

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