Thursday, March 17, 2011

Networking question for core security guys

Hi Friends ,

Here i am publishing the networking questions which are asked by interviewer for Core security peoples .

1)How much you are rating your self in networking out of 10.?
2)Which models of Routers and Switches you handled ?
3)What is RIP , EIGRP , OSPF ?
4)What is Static and Dynamic routing ?
5)Why we create vlans?
6)How you troubleshoot the vlan problem ?
8)How you make it up down port status to up in switch ?
9)What is access list give the example of both standard and extended access list .
10)How you monitor ISP link in router ?
11)How to see the interface status in router and switches ?
12)How to take backup of router and switches configurations?
13)what is difference between SSH and Telnet ?
14)In which layer ICMP works??
15)What is private and public IP shema ?
16)What is span and spanning tree in Switches ?
17)Do you know about MPLS ?
18)What is the latest IOS of your router and swithces ?
19)How you can save the configuration of Routers and Switches ?
20)What is 802.1q ?

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