Thursday, March 17, 2011

Checkpoint Interview questions

As per my experience i am trying to share CP interview question -

Before going to start i suggest you that never try to make fool to your interviewer.

1)From which was the first version of Checkpoint you worked?
2)What is the difference between CP NG and CP NGX?
3)In how many mode we can install the checkpoint?
4)What is architecture of Checkpoint?
5)What is SIC ?
6)What is NAT and how many type of NAT supported by CP explain ?
7)What is the unicast and multicast?
8)What is the rules define Stealth and Clean up rule ?
9)Can we configure rules above stealth rule?
10)What is the purpose of clean up rule ?
11)How you can configure smart view client in new pc?
12)How you are taking backup of CP?
13)How you can take manual backup and which folders are necessary ?
14)How you can configure Log server and where in CP we configure it?
15)How you use smart view tracker tell about three pannes of it.
16)Have you ever configure smart defence if yes tell us the few feature of it.
17)What are the important communication ports of the checkpoint ?
18)Tell me about licence part of the CP and types of it.
19)How you can integrate gateway boxes with CP like Nokia and Nortel or UTM boxes?
20)How you can bring up Nokia box integration with CP server.
21)Have you configure Cluster in CP if yes then tell us process?
22)What is VRRP?
23)What is FW monitor ?
24)Try to give 5 important CLI commands which are helpful for CP admin ?
25)Have you done CCSA if yes then what is the career path for it and how many question were there .
26)What is Bi directional NAT?
27)If log folder is crossed the threshold value which you had defined in CP server then what will happen?
28)What is the use of database revision control?
29)Have you ever configure VPN if yes then tell us about Site to Site with IPSEC in CP?
30)Have you ever upgrade the R60 to R62 or R65 if yes then tell us the process?
31)What is FW unloadlocal
32)If log tracker is showing green means accepted even though defined rule is not working then what causes might be tell us.?
33)What is SYNC in cluster ?
35)What is statefull inspection technology ?
36)Apart from Statefull which other technology firewall belongs too?
37)Difference between ASA and Checkpoint firewall?
38)What is ICMP default setting in global properties of CP?
39)How you can reconfigure SIC password ?
40)If you restarted the remote gateway then what will happen in CP network ?

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