Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Event ID 1000, faulting application SysEvtCol.exe

Follow the steps given,

- Stop the EventLog Analyzer Service

- Please cross check whether any of the following
process/services are running in TaskManager

* mysql-nt.exe
* SysEvtCol

In case any of the above process/services are running please
kill these processes.

- Have a look at My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced ->
Performance -> Settings -> Data Execution Prevention, and Add the
following executables.

* /bin/SysEvtCol.exe
* /bin/wrapper.exe
* /mysql/bin/mysql-nt.exe
* /jre/bin/java.exe

- please change the log level for log collector, by editing
runSEC.bat (in /bin directory), change
the following line.

"bin\SysEvtCol.exe -loglevel 2" into

"bin\SysEvtCol.exe -loglevel 3".

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