Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Backup DataBase

The best practice to take the backup of the existing Eventlog Analyzer (including data, configurations, settings etc.,) is by copying the following folders, after shutting down the EventLog Analyzer.


In case of any crash of EventLog Analyzer which requires fresh installation, you can restore the above folders to the same location and access the data. Ensure that you stop the application while taking this backup.

if MySQL password is set in the old server, you need the following files from the old server to new server during migration or a fresh install due to crash.

1. startDB.bat and configureODBC.vbs located under \bin directory.
2. myodbc3.dll and myodbc3s.dll located under \lib directory.
3. mysql-ds.xml located under \server\default\deploy directory.

Further, we have created the batch files to start/stop EventLog Analyzer Service (Windows Service) during your automatic backup process.

Kindly download the attachment "Automate.zip" and extract and rename them as "stopELAservice.bat" and "startELAservice.bat" respectively under the "\bin" folder.

By using Windows 'Scheduled Tasks', you can schedule 'stopELAservice.bat' to run at the time when your backup application starts and schedule the 'startELAservice.bat' to run when your backup application stops. By this, you can automate the process.

Note: This batch file applies only when the EventLog Analyzer is running as a Windows service (named " ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer ").

Note: We do have options to export the Report Profiles and Alert Profiles from the UI and kindly make sure that you export those profiles as soon as you add any new report profiles or alert profiles, as another alternative.

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