Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Site to Site VPN Checkpoint to ASA

I have been dealing with tones of Site to Site VPN troubleshooting; most of it Checkpoint to Cisco ASA
Here is some of the error message I have seen and here is what does it mean :

"Encryption failure, decrypted methods did not match rule" >There are overlapping encryption domains.

"Received notification from peer: no proposal chosen." > VPN settings do not match on both ends. It could mean there is a subnet negotiation mismatch.

"Cannot identify peer for encrypted connection." > NAT is not applied properly.

"Encryption failure: packet is dropped as there is no valid SA." > Packet is corrupted before the reach the other VPN peer.

"Encryption failure: clear text packet should be encrypted or clear text packet received within an encrypted packet." > The IP address and subnet mask are incorrect in the general tab of the firewall topology tab or the VPN is terminating to the wrong interface.

"Encryption Failure: Packet was decrypted, but policy says connection should not be decrypted." > Check the VPN domains on the topology tab of the VPN objects.


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