Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Usefull Checkpoint Commands

o view the active connections table: fw tab -t host_table –s

To pull the latest policy from the management station: fw fetch

Display the name of the policy installed and the date it was received: fw stat

View the Checkpoint version installed: fw ver

Display cpu, memory, and disk usage: fw ctl pstat

Delete all hosts from the connections table: fw tab -t host_ip_addrs –x

Display logs on the firewall for a specific IP: fw log –n –ft | grep

Troubleshoot source/destination access issues: fw monitor -m iIOo -e 'accept src= and dst=;'

Manage VPN connections (view and delete): vpn tu

Turn on debugging for VPN's: vpndebug on and vpn debug ikeon

This will create 2 files in $FWDIR/logs. vpnd.elg (this can be viewed on the firewall using cat. It will show highlevel VPN connection information), and ike.elg (this is the bread and butter of Checkpoint VPN troubleshooting. Click here to read my ikeview guide).

Display SIC key: cp_conf sic get

High Availabiliy: cphaprob stat -display HA status

cphaprob -i -display HA interface stats

cphastop/cphastart -stop/start HA

View license key installed: cplic print

Delete all active hosts: fw tab -t host_ip_addrs –x

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