Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Usefull Nokia IPSO Commands

newimage -R -k -l ipso.tgz - install a new IPSO image

newpkg –i installs software from given location (firewall software, VPN accel driver, etc)

voyager –e 0 80 resets voyager after a failed ssl config attempt

dbpasswd admin -Changes the password from the command line

ipsofwd on admin -turns on ip forwarding when firewall is stopped

ipsofwd list -displays ipso properties (flowpath, etc)

ipsofwd slowpath -turns off flows (flowpath turns back on)

iclid -vrrp utility that shows status

- show vrrp -iclid command that shows # of interfaces and their respective states

- get vrrp -shows iclid stats: active interfaces/checksum/version/id

-show vrrp interface -displays interface stats for VRRP
boot –s {from > prompt at boot time) boots into single-user mode

Nokia IPSO has 2 shells, IPSO and Clish.

After logging in, you are in the IPSO shell. To enter the Clish shell, type "clish"

To remove old config:
Either rm /active/config or config/active depending on version.

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